Sunday, November 22, 2009


Another post from Radelaide!

I've had some people giving me advice on my animation careerpath. One idea is to get funding to make a short animation, I think it's a cool idea. I've been formulating an idea for an animation I'd like to do after Viola. So if I developed that, got a script and designs together and ready, talked to some people here who've got funding, etc, I might have a go at getting funding myself. Although, I think that I would prefer to work in a studio, I love the studio atmosphere and I feel like I get more done in this sort of environment.

The bit I'm cleaning up is coming along but it takes so long. I'm trying so hard to get it done quickly, I think I might need to stay late on Monday. Hopefully I can get it all done then.

I'll be sad to leave Adelaide, I've had such a great time here and made new friends and all that. But I will also be happy going home, 'cos I am so pumped to work on Viola again. I should really get a website up as well and maybe a general blog, just for artwork and stuff. So that's on my to-do list when I return to Brisbane. I'm also getting excited about graduating (again, lol) and getting a job (hopefully). After this taste of working in an animation studio I am excited about the future. I look forward to whatever it holds and embrace any challenge to come my way!

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