Saturday, January 24, 2009


I went and saw Don Quixote last weekend and Dethballet this evening. Both were really great by way of research and stuff. Dethballet was super cool as well, it was all set to heavy metal. Way cool. The movements matched with the music so well.

Anyhoo, this entry is about music.
For my music I need something that has: beats that are easy to hear, a steady tempo, an appropriate tempo and it needs to be heavy and light in the right places. Ehehehe, I got this from Ballet for Dummies.

For the beginning and end of the piece, for Viola's solo, I want something slow, sad and lovely. For the middle part I want something robust, energetic and rock'n'roll with strings. I'm looking for songs to put together on a CD to give to the musican/s so that they know what I need.

That's all, short entry today.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Buildings and costumes

I've been playing with the costume and now I have a whole mess of variations in my head with no idea as to which one I like best. I'll have to draw them all up and have a look at them all together.
So anyway, here are a few costume sketches:

And I've been working on some more background concept art. I think I'll do the backgrounds with ink, markers, watercolours and acrylics.

This snowy one is HEAVILY referenced from this photo here:

I was highlighting things in this with white acrylic paint and when I did a few rooftiles it looked like snow and I ended up with it snowing. Badly snowing, too much snow, it's hard to see the buildings. But still kind of nice, I think.

This one is heavily referenced from this photo:

Friday, January 2, 2009

More art

Concept art! Viola is going through a costume redesign, I'm trying to make her more Viola shaped. I like her hair here, I wonder if I should do her hair like that for the whole film.
I'm also thinking of dropping one of the musicians, I think I only REALLY need one.