Thursday, May 28, 2009


Okay, this isn't a final background, just me working on the inside of Viola's appartment. I was going for art noveau, maaaybe over did it. I think that the balcony railing is a bit too much, makes it look like an Elvish treehouse from Lord of the Rings. Otherwise, I quite like it. Andi said a while ago to have different colours for the characters when they're inside the appartment, I agree, so Viola's got some different colours here.

So here's the background by itself, followed by the background with Viola in there as well and the last one also has wallpaper.

Also, here are a few pictures that I've been using for reference, I found them on good old Google. Yay.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Wordy Update With No Pictures

James Calvert from The People's Republic of Animation came in today to give us a lecture and have consultations with people about their films. I liked the lecture, very interesting and we got to watch animations. Yaaay. Including The Cat Piano, which I've been wanting to see for a while now. SO GOOD.

So he liked my stuff, which was good, and gave me good advice, like to cut down the dancing bits. I was going to play with it anyway, I just kinda plonked it in so that I could do the animatic, but yeah, it needs to be shorter and he also said that I should cut in close ups and stuff and I think that's a good idea.

I also think that the first bit, where she's playing her music, should be longer. Hhhm, I should time that out again. Okay, I shall! Expect a refreshed animatic (only in the sense that I will slow down that part, I am too busy to do much else at the moment), some time next week.

Recording actors on Tuesday, yay, so I can add voices to my animatic as well. Yay. I particularly like the girl I chose for Viola, she's really nice and it was a close call between her and another girl, but I think that the one I chose reads with more expression and reads with the expression where I want it, if that makes sense. Anyway, I like her. And Alex Waller very kindly agreed to help me out with sound, so cakes all round! No, I'm serious, I'm going to give them all cupcakes instead of money. :D

Monday, May 25, 2009


Animatic! Hell yeah! Dear god these things take so much longer than you think. And it looks so damn basic. O_O So yes, here's the animatic, please watch it and tell me what you think, what is good, what is confusing, etc. Oh yes, and the voices aren't recorded yet, so enjoy the subtitles. :)

Sorry about the low quality, I was trying to make it small enough to upload.

That live action bit comes from here: I just threw it in for timing and it's what I'm drawing my inspiration from, but I want to play with it and stuff. Nice dancing though, I like how she looks like she's trying to get away, but he's all, 'No, I don't think so.'

Also, music-wise, not sure if myabe I should have a differenet song playing while Viola is doing her triumphant leapy bit?

Also, here are some background ideas and sketches. Wooooooo~

Monday, May 11, 2009

Many things, MUSIC!

Big post today, exciting post, many things to report.

First and foremost, MUSIC. I have music now, which is such a relief and incredibly exciting because I can use music from the band that I really, really wanted. And that band is the amazing Fourplay, a string quartet from Sydney with an amazing sound. Go go go to their site and check them out, they're amazing: So yes, I can use some of their music in return for art, which is in itself also very awesome.

Next to report, actors. I posted a casting call on eCaster and the next time I got on the computer I had about eight replies. and they're still coming. Excellent. So now I am holding auditions this Friday and next Tuesday, which should be fun.

The animatic is coming along, once I have picked some music I can actually start choreographing the dancey bits. At the moment that place is filled with the words, 'They Dance!'

Backgrounds. Something that I am not so good at, so I will be getting Andrew to help me out. So, I went through the animatic and figured out what backgrounds I need for Act One.

So here is BG 1


BG 3 is just wallpaper for head shots.

BG 4

BG 5
BG 6


BG8 - Close up of BG 6, where the floor meets the wall.

So, I should get started on those...blah.

Oh yes and here is my design for the wallpaper. The top one is just the ink, the bottom one I used LiveTrace in Illustrator (my favourite tool) to smooth it out.

So yes, lots of news for today, hope you all (all five of you) enjoyed it!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Lucien Expressions

Just a few panels from the storyboard...which blogger decided to put in reverse order. Oh well. They're just here to show that I'm doing stuff, enjoy. :P
Lucien! I had fun doing Viola, so I thought that I would do Lucien as well. He needs it more I think, his character is not as defined as Viola. Also, I tried to express the fact that Viola is very expressive while Lucien is a little more reserved...not sure if I got that across, but maybe.
Again just quick pictures, I used a brush tip pen instead of ink and brush, which is why the lines are so thick and clunky.