Monday, May 11, 2009

Many things, MUSIC!

Big post today, exciting post, many things to report.

First and foremost, MUSIC. I have music now, which is such a relief and incredibly exciting because I can use music from the band that I really, really wanted. And that band is the amazing Fourplay, a string quartet from Sydney with an amazing sound. Go go go to their site and check them out, they're amazing: So yes, I can use some of their music in return for art, which is in itself also very awesome.

Next to report, actors. I posted a casting call on eCaster and the next time I got on the computer I had about eight replies. and they're still coming. Excellent. So now I am holding auditions this Friday and next Tuesday, which should be fun.

The animatic is coming along, once I have picked some music I can actually start choreographing the dancey bits. At the moment that place is filled with the words, 'They Dance!'

Backgrounds. Something that I am not so good at, so I will be getting Andrew to help me out. So, I went through the animatic and figured out what backgrounds I need for Act One.

So here is BG 1


BG 3 is just wallpaper for head shots.

BG 4

BG 5
BG 6


BG8 - Close up of BG 6, where the floor meets the wall.

So, I should get started on those...blah.

Oh yes and here is my design for the wallpaper. The top one is just the ink, the bottom one I used LiveTrace in Illustrator (my favourite tool) to smooth it out.

So yes, lots of news for today, hope you all (all five of you) enjoyed it!


Peter Hollo said...

Hey Lex,
We're from Sydney actually :P

I note that Jordan has gotten back to you - good!

Lexidoodle! said...

Duuuuuh, go me. XD I'll go fix that.

queen_sparkle said...

Fourplay are da bomb! they did the music for one of my other student projects a number of years back called "Buckethead" by Dan Hartney. Was a fab little film and did a lot of international travelling - thanks to the music (and the brilliant animator of course ;_)
Great news!