Sunday, November 30, 2008

Youtube Ballet Clips

Draft one of the script is done! I like it, but I'm sure it needs to be improved.

I've been looking on Youtube for more ballet clips and I've found some really great stuff. Ballerinas are so damn muscular and just incredible!
I've always loved this piece and it's useful for Viola because it has the dynamic of the three dancers in there.
This is useful because there are a lot of dance moves that are not part of an actual dance. So it's sort of like a mini index of moves.
This is quite nice, it's all slowed down so I can see more clearly what goes where when people jump and twirl, etc.
Not the kind of dancing I'm after, but pretty cool, especially seeing as they're missing limbs!
More lovely dancing.

And that's probably enough for tonight. :)

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