Friday, November 28, 2008

The Beginning

I'm hoping to get into honours next year so that I have more time and resources to make this happen. However, even if I don't, this will be made!

So this first post (and the next batch) is some concept/treatment art as well as inspiring artworks and reference photos/videos.

These are some treatment pictures, I want the film to look like this. I'll be colouring it with flats and textures in Toonboom, like Burn the Witch. :) That top picture is a concept for the main character Viola and the bottom picture is the concept of the musicians. The middle one is just treatment stuff. The musicians are pretty spot on, Viola needs refinement.

Some inspiration:

And here is a really great ballet youtube video:

Ballet and dance will be a big part of this film. I am also trying to figure out where I can put dialogue in this film, because lip synch is my greatest strength. So of course I picked an idea that doesn't need any dialogue...and would probably work better without it...Hahaha. Go me. If I do put dialogue in though, will it be in english or french? Who knows.

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