Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I am doing stuff!

Just a post to say that I am doing stuff. I just don't have anything that I want to upload at the current moment. I've been doing lots of clean-up and scanned a stack of it into ToonBoom yesterday.

To Do:
  • Finish cleaning up the things I have animated
  • Work on the first snippet of dance so that they don't fry like they're doing at the moment
  • Colour and add backgrounds to the things that I've put into ToonBoom
  • Next to animate: Opening shot of Viola playing music on her back, the kick into Lucien's face

I've also been thinking of taking out Viola's triumphy dance at the end. I think it might be nice just to end with her looking over the edge and then maybe go to a close-up of her face and then she smiles.

On the topic of the Birds storyboard I've been working on, I have almost finished the second part of the song, the very quiet part where they're wandering through caves. Once it's done I shall upload. Should be ready in about two days. Then I just need to do the last part of the song, which is about two and a half minutes long. Ideally I'd like to get this done before the end of the month because I leave for Adelaide on the first of November. Yay!

I'm really looking forward to my internship, I can't wait to get there! :D

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