Friday, August 21, 2009

You Guessed It, It's Another Animatic!

Another animatic? But of course! This time with chunks of real animation. Mmmm-mmmm.

Lemme see, got some advice today from a guy called Sorin who came in to look at our work. He said that the tension between Viola and Lucien in the dance needs to build up more, her just kicking him in the face to get rid of him is too easy and that there should be a shot in the dance where he is making the music with her by running the bow across her back. All good advice I think.

So! The changes will be in the next animatic, along with more animation. The close up on her back, where he lifts her and then they're on the roof (I'm a cheater, lol) I am going to instead have that as a close up on her back and him playing music with it. Then another shot to show, well gee! they're on the roof!

When she decides that she's had enough, she pulls her hands away, but doesn't break free and he pulls her hands back down again. Then she uses her leg instead, to kick him in the face. I don't want it to be to hard for her either because in a lot of ways, she is stronger. Especially her legs, both her legs and feet are physically bigger than his.

I was before thinking that maybe he could pull her closer and use her back to make music again, but this time the bow would leave red marks. The imagery would look really cool, but the idea seems too sexual to me somehow, I think that it would just look like he is sexually dominating her and that's not what my film is about. It isn't about dominance with concerns to sex, it's about control and freedom concerning creativity and just life in general.

I also need to put in some more close ups and stuff while they're dancing, but I think that it will really come across more when I actually animate it as well.


Lauren said...

Gah it looks awesome Alex! There was some really nice animation there, how exciting, it's looking so good! The changes sound good to me, and i agree with you on the red marks, it'd make it a bit more like assault than what you're going for...

sparky said...

fantastic work...and also taking Sorin's advice to make it a bit clearer why/what/when/how she decides to kick him out so to speak..
just saw this article about Disney buying Marvel...
Girls on Film: Princesses, Superheroines, Disney, and Marvel
have a look!