Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lucien Character Sheet

Changed the colours on Viola's sheet and I drew one for Lucien. I need to do more art, I should really get started on the backgrounds and work on my animatic. The break really threw me off, but at least I've finished watching all of Buffy now (SO GOOD) so at least I'm free of her thrall.
To do:
  • Animatic
  • Sketch out the backgrounds
  • Break up, clean up and colour the backgrounds
  • Record dialogue
  • Find musicians or music
  • Choreograph the dance bits to go with the music

I want to start production once the mid-year holidays start, if not earlier. I think I have a good chance of this. Also, my back-up plan for the music is to get copyright free stuff, something so old that it can be used for whatever, you know, Mozart or what have you. Hopefully I can find some musicians at the con, I'll put up more posters on Friday.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

I can't wait to see more backgrounds, love them! Haha glad Buffy has finally released you, I think she's probably going to catch me up soon. Hey I should send you the track I'm using for mine, just in case there's a different section that you like haha...there's some pretty string bits I think