Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More ROUGH Concept

More rough concept art. I'm trying to narrow down Viola's proportions. Should she be very long and thin? Short? Fat? My basic thoughts on her proportion is that she should have a thin, delicate upper body with a much larger, stronger lower body. So I'm trying to pin down what should be what and at the same time I'm trying to just mess around and see what I like. Because even if I settle on something now, there's no doubt that it will get changed later along the way.

I found a strings group and got their contact details...not sure if they're exactly what I'm looking for, but it's a start for the hunt. They don't have much original stuff, mostly adapted classical stuff and copyright issues aren't a problem. So maybe. But I'll probably end up using con students because they have a decent idea of how to record, whereas I do not.

I just watched the commentary for Disney's Tarzan (I know, I need a broader range of inspiration than Disney, but still) and they really planted their characters firmly in their world by way of lighting and many other things. So it got me thinking, I'd really like to play with lighting in this film. It would be quite appropriate too, the dull light inside the appartment versus the bright lights of Paris outside. And I want a lot of layers to her environment, to help engulf her in it.

Dialogue...I have a little smidgen in the script right now, but I'd love some more. I think it really helps bring a character to life and it really stands out in student films, most people shy away from it. Plus, it's what I love to animate most and am best at. I was thinking maaaaybe a few lyrics would be cool? Or perhaps just spoken stuff, no singing. And would it be in English or French? Have I already asked that here? I'm leaning more towards French, that would be pretty cool.

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